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Your Essential End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

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Your Essential End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist
  • Audrey
  • Apr 06 2021
When you are moving out of your rental living space, one of the most challenging tasks that you can come across is the cleaning of the property. From kitchen and bathroom to living room and bedroom, every nook and corner of the property should look spotless.

Otherwise, the property owner/manager can deduct a hefty amount from your security deposit. Therefore, it is always advisable to clean a property by following a checklist.

Many tenants opt for seasoned professionals to save time and get the best end of lease cleaning in Hobart. The experts use advanced tools and innovative methods to give you the best possible result.

However, if you are moving on a tight budget, then rolling up your sleeves and doing the dusting and scrubbing might be the only solution for you. To make the task easier and get a better result, follow a checklist.

If you are confused about the spots that you need to clean, here is an essential checklist that can be very helpful at the end of tenancy.


If you have an exterior, then make sure that it looks immaculate. Do not forget that it is the first thing that your property owner will notice on the inspection day. To clean the exterior properly, clean the following spots.

  • Remove the dust and dirt from the patio
  • Clean the BBQ and wipe the outdoor furniture properly
  • Get rid of the cobwebs and clean the light fittings
  • Mow the lawn of the property
  • Remove the pet droppings from lawn and patio
  • Clean the bins as well as compost bins
  • Sweep the driveway appropriately
  • Properly wash the exterior walls of the property


From dust and grease build-up to food particles and spills, your cooking area accumulates several things that can be very difficult to remove. Therefore, by far, the kitchen requires your maximum time and efforts. So, always start your cleaning from this room and focus on the following spots.

  • Remove dirt and spills from the stovetop and countertop
  • Clean the kitchen appliances like microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.
  • Remove dirt and grease deposit from inside the oven
  • Degrease your range hood
  • Scrub the kitchen tiles, sink and faucets
  • Clean all the shelves of your pantry
  • Clean inside the cupboards, shelves and drawers
  • Thoroughly clean the garbage disposal


If the kitchen is the most challenging room to clean during the end of tenancy, your bathroom is not far behind. You often ignore a thorough cleaning of this room, which allow the hard water stains, soap scum and toilet stains to set in. The landlords inspect this area properly, so ensure it sparkles.

  • Thoroughly scrub and wash the tiles and grout
  • Remove the dirt layer and stains from the toilet
  • Clean the bathtubs, sink and faucets
  • Remove soap scum and hard water stains from the shower glass
  • Get rid of the limescale from the showerhead
  • Disinfect the toilet, flush lever, sink faucets and other spots
  • Properly clean the medicine cabinets
  • Give your bathroom mirrors a streak-free finish
  • Remove dust from the exhaust fan
  • Clear the gunk inside the bathroom drain

Living room/Bedroom

You can use a general list for the living room, bedroom and dining room because the layouts and surfaces of these rooms are quite similar.

If you want to save your time and energy, you can hire professionals who offer a thorough end of lease cleaning in Hobart. As the experts follow a detailed list, you can expect high-quality and hassle-free cleaning. If you want to do it on your own, clean the following spots.

  • Wipe the outside and inside of the cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • Clean the wardrobe, tracks and frame
  • Give the mirror a streak-free finish
  • Remove dust and dirt from the door frame and top of the door
  • Eliminate scuff marks, crayon colours and fingerprints from the wall
  • Wipe the skirting board thoroughly
  • Vacuum the carpets, upholstery and also remove all stains
  • Remove dust and dirt from the blades of the ceiling fans


Apart from the spots mentioned above, there are some areas that are common in all the rooms. Tenants often keep these spots for the last and then forget in the hustle of moving. Always include the following spots in your checklist.

  • Remove cobwebs from the ceiling corners
  • Wipe the light fitting of all the rooms properly
  • Clean the window glass and remove dust from the blinds
  • Remove dust from the air ducts and clean the filters
  • Sweep or clean the floor of all the rooms
  • Mop the floor to remove the stains
  • Disinfect the high-touch points

The Bottom Line

End of lease cleaning is a challenging and time-consuming task. When you are occupied with other responsibilities, it is possible to forget some vital spots during the dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing.

To make the task easier, follow the checklist mentioned above. If you want the best possible result, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Hobart. They have expertise in cleaning all types of property.