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How To Clean Victorian Floor Tiles

beautiful Victorian floors getting scrubbed
How To Clean Victorian Floor Tiles
  • Audrey
  • Dec 11 2020
Victorian floor tiles are a sight to behold and whoever has them in their house always gets many compliments. These tiles are exquisite and sophisticated with geometric shapes and repeating patterns.

Most houses with these vitrified ceramic tiles have them for years since they are capable of enduring heavy wear such as surface abrasion, damage from moving property contents, the intensity of cleaning products/tools, and much more. Since they are non-porous, durable, and suitable for dry or humid climates, many real estates for rent may have them.

In case you have Victorian floor tiles in your house, and you need to clean them at the end of the tenancy, the best option would be to hire bond cleaners in Hobart. Alternately, you can use this guide for cleaning Victorian floor tiles. Have a look.

Cleaning Supplies You Will Need

Cleaning and maintaining tessellated surfaces in your house can be managed easily when Victorian floor tiles are installed. To make them shiny and sparkly, you will need the following things.

  • A mild and potent tile and ceramic cleaner
  • Sponges and brush of different sizes
  • Bucket and spray bottles
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cleaning products like sweeper, mops, towels, or cloths

Always Test Cleaning Products

Although Victorian floor tiles are tough, non-porous, and durable, it doesn't mean you shouldn't test your cleaning products before using them. Companies offering bond cleaning in Hobart often use this trick to ensure they clean floors without causing any damage.

To test the effect of a cleaner, use it as per direction on the label on an inconspicuous spot and wait at least 10 minutes to check the results. If the test spot is clean without any staining, abrasion, or discolouration, then you can apply the cleaner to sanitise the rest of the floor.

Cleaning Victorian Floor Tiles

When these tiled floors are in good condition and properly maintained, cleaning them is easy and quick. Here is how you can clean and disinfect Victorian tile floors.

  • Sweep the floors with a microfiber sweeper, since its fibres' asterisk design enables collection of dust, dirt, crumbs, and other debris effectively.
  • In a bucket, dilute your preferred tile cleaner with warm water in the right quantity, as per the directions on the label.
  • Mop the floor with this solution to remove any remaining dirt, grime or debris. Finish the cleaning process by wiping the floor with a mop wet with water and letting the tiles air dry.
  • Disinfect the floors by spraying the solution on the surface, using a steam mop, or wiping it with a regular mop wet with a disinfecting solution.

In case the floors are heavily soiled, cloudy, or dull, seek the assistance of professional bond cleaners in Hobart to clean them. You can also get scratched and damaged floors fixed by professionals who restore Victorian tiles.

They have the right tools, equipment, and products with which they can make your tiled floors look as good as new. They can clean, replace, repair, and buff Victorian tiles with expertise and skill which non-specialists lack.

However, if you think the dirty tiled floors in your rented property can be cleaned without assistance, then follow these steps to sanitise them deeply.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors to get rid of physical debris and particle.
  • Apply a safe-to-use and suitable tile cleaner with extra strength. Leave the cleaner on the floor for at least 10 minutes then start scrubbing with a sponge or brush.
  • Scrub the floors until every layer of dirt/grime is removed and the surface is spotless.
  • Wipe the floors with a mop until the cleaner's residues and contaminants are completely removed. Please use clean water for wringing the mop and replace it when it gets dirty.
  • Disinfect the floor and let it air dry.
  • If necessary, buff the tiles with a dry microfiber towel or sweeper.

A Word of Caution

While cleaning Victorian floor tiles for end of lease cleaning in Hobart, please don't use corrosive, caustic, or harsh chemicals. Many commercial cleaners contain volatile organic compounds that harm not only the environment but also your health. They can aggravate allergies and cause serious respiratory issues.

Additionally, strong commercial cleaners may damage the tiles if not used correctly. While professional bond cleaners in Hobart know how to use cleaning products and tools correctly, you may not. Therefore, if you feel your rented property cannot be cleaned by you safely and as per your landlord's requirement, then seek professional assistance.

Wrapping Up

To retain the appearance of your Victorian tile floors and clean them without causing any damage, hire bond cleaning experts in Hobart to clean and sanitise your rented property. But, if for any reason you choose to clean the floors yourself, use the tips/methods shared in this guide to make cleaning Victorian floor tiles hassle-free.Plus, you can do it efficiently and efficiently whenever required.