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Cleaning Ideas For Mental And Physical Declutter

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Cleaning Ideas For Mental And Physical Declutter
  • Audrey
  • Dec 01 2020
The cluttered and dirty living space is the main reason behind the increased level of anxiety and mental stress. In order to bring stability in your life, you need to focus on the positive aspects, which is difficult to achieve with a cluttered mind.

So, it is important to keep your home clean, organised and mess-free all day long. This will alleviate the stress level, bring mental peace and help you cope with the physical clutter.

On the other side, when we are under stress, our brain releases cortisol. It is a stress hormone that can develop various mental, emotional and physical health concerns, such as, increased blood pressure, anxiety attacks, lower immune functioning, weight gain and other heart-related diseases. However, with a little planning and regular cleaning, you can de-stress your mind while keeping your living space mess-free.

It is good to stay calm and focused at the end of your tenancy. Instead of managing on your own, hire professionally-trained experts who can carry out the best end of lease cleaning in Hobart. They can transform the entire property and give you peace of mind at the most reasonable price.

If you want mental and physical freedom on a regular basis, consider the following cleaning ideas. A clean, shiny and clutter-free home can boost your mood up and keep your stress hormones under control.

1. De-clutter your Physical Space

Physical clutter is correlative to mental clutter and increased stress. So, make a list of all the items that are taking up the unnecessary space in your home as well as life. Make de-cluttering your priority and focus on getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Go through all your rooms, inspect every single corner and prepare a list of items that you don’t need in your living space. The entire process will take time so try to be patient and concentrate on eliminating the things that are mentally exhausting for you.

Start with the room where you spend most of your time. It could be your bedroom, living area or the study room. Get into space, clear up the trash, throw away unnecessary belongings and make it look clean and organised one. Do the same with other rooms with the assistance of your kids and spouse.

2. Clean Your Closet

It is a good idea to minimise some load from your closet. You can sort out all of your clothing into three piles: keep, donate/sell and throw. This will help you in achieving a well-organised closet that can reduce your stress and give you a sense of happiness. You can ask your family to help you, especially if you are moving out of a rental property. This will also help you in packing your household belongings for a move.

3. Regular Cleaning is Important

Instead of sprucing up your home only on weekends, it is good to clean up your house a little each day. This will keep your abode in a spick-and-span condition all day long, which can reduce the mental as well as the physical stress.

You can start by removing dust from the surfaces like windows, picture frames, table-top, and other hard surfaces. Use a microfiber cloth because it is one of the most affordable, super-absorbent and reliable tools that can fetch tiny dust particles with ease.

Tip: Take some time out of your busy schedule and spruce up your home daily to reduce mental and physical anxiety.

4. Make Your Bed Daily

Making a bed in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. A well-organised bedroom, clean bed-sheet and pillow covers bring positivity and improve your anxiety level if you are feeling low or stressed. It also encourages you to keep the entire room tidy- which is a good sign. You can also feel relaxed when you return to your home after a long-hectic day as you don’t have to make your bed.

5. Organise Your Cabinets and Dresser Tops

Do not forget to check your dresser tops, drawers, cabinets, nightstands and other areas where you need to organise the stuff to create the clam and composed environment. It should be mess-free and in an organised manner if you want to spend some time in a relaxing mode.

Make sure you clean and sort your cabinets before the arrival of end of lease cleaners in Hobart. Try to remove all the furniture so that cleaners can spruce up everything without any distraction.

6. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one of the grimiest areas in a house. If it is dirty and completely messed up, then you will end up getting frustrated. So, it is a great idea to wipe off your kitchen countertops, stovetop and range hood.

Do the dishes daily because piles of dirty dishes can make you feel irritated and also increases the physical stress. Apart from this, clean your kitchen appliances inside and out using a natural cleaner, such as white vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc.

7. De-Clutter your Bathroom

Apart from cleaning up the bathroom, be sure you de-clutter drawers, cabinets, throw expired personal care products to make more space in your bathroom. This is one of the great ways that can alleviate your mental and physical stress.


Keep your house clean and organised for mental and physical de-clutter. Focus on improving the indoor environment by removing unnecessary stuff, dust, grime, debris and bacteria at bay. If you are vacating from a rental apartment, contact the experienced company which specialises in a detailed end of lease cleaning in Hobart. Hire experts and get your bond back after the final inspection.