Why You Should Use Microfiber Towels For Cleaning

Why You Should Use Microfiber Towels For Cleaning

By : Charlotte
Do you stock up on all the necessary cleaning supplies? Instead of spending too much on expensive gadgets or tools, buy microfiber towels. Replace your feather dusters and other dusting tools with this super-affordable piece of cloth and remove dust like a pro.

It is one of the most effective cleaning tools offering great features and multiple uses. That’s why seasoned experts use microfiber cloths, towels and mop while carrying out a sparkling end of lease cleaning Hobart.

The best part is that you can also spruce up your house using this towel or cloth. From car interiors to polish glasses, ceiling fans to carpets, and windows to walls, you can clean almost all surfaces to maintain a hygienic home environment. Do not forget to make necessary rental repairs if you are concerned about your deposited security.

Here is a complete guide to help you know why everyone should use microfiber towels for cleaning:

What is a Microfiber Towel/Cloth?

These affordable towels are made with a synthetic fabric that contains 50 per cent polyester and 50 per cent nylon. The fibres are split into microfibers that can be 15 times smaller than the original fibres and almost 200 times thinner than human hair. The microfiber technology develops fibres that can help you remove tiny dust particles, microbes, and spores from hard and soft surfaces in no time.

Why Should You Use This Tool?

Microfiber towels or cloths are the must-have cleaning tools to keep your house clean and shiny. It offers plenty of key reasons to use it like a professional cleaner, such as:

1. Super-Absorbent

The net-like layout of microfiber towels is super absorbent and works wonders in picking up or fetching specks of dust, dirt, debris, pollen, food crumbs and other allergens. When you use a feather duster, it will push the dirt around the surface. On the other hand, microfiber cloth will pick up the dust without leaving residue behind.

2. Quickly Fetches Microbes

Microfiber is far better than cotton for fetching bacteria and germs. You do not need to buy expensive and fancy tools. Grab a microfiber cloth, spray disinfectant on the contaminated surface and kill common household microbes.

3. Supports Multi-surface Cleaning

Yes, this is one of the best tools to help you clean almost all surfaces. You can clean ceiling fans, walls, windows, blinds, countertops, upholstery furniture, carpets and floors. You can even prepare a chemical-free mopping solution at home and bring a microfiber mop to achieve sparkling results.

A cloth can also works on metal surfaces, tiles and natural stone areas, fabric and other soft surfaces around your house in Hobart.

4. Reusable

While microfiber cloth or towel is not as sturdy as other tools, it can be used repeatedly. All you need to do is wash the cloth in hot water to remove dust and bacteria.

Fact: You can wash a microfiber cloth more than 400 times before replacing it with a new one.

5. Affordable

There is no denying that it is one of the most affordable cleaning tools because it comes at a very reasonable price and can be used over and over again- hence saving you money.

Why is it a Multi-purpose Cleaning Tool?

A microfiber towel or cloth is a versatile cleaning supply because of the following reasons:

1. Dust Hard Surfaces

Do you want to remove dust from baseboards, window sills, blinds and floors? This is a perfect tool. You can dampen a cloth and wipe down hard surfaces. It can help you remove accumulated dust, dirt, grime, food particles and crumbles from hardwood and sturdy surfaces. It fetches dirt in no time.

A professionally-trained end of lease cleaner in Hobart also brings microfiber cloths, dusters and towels to clean hard surfaces.

2. De-grease Your Oven and Microwave

Mix one part of vinegar and one part of water, add a few drops of lemon and heat it in your microwave for 5 minutes. Turn off your appliance and let the steam break down the grease and stains. Leave it for 10 minutes until you wipe off the interiors as well as interiors with a microfiber cloth dampened in the same solution.

Use the damp cloth to clean the rusty grill grates, your ovens, BBQ and refrigerator.

3. Easy to Remove Spills

You can remove everything from oil splatters to juice spills using a clean cloth. Apply baking soda paste and wipe down your countertops, tabletops, cabinets and floors.

4. Remove Carpet Stains

Instead of scrubbing or rubbing carpet stains, spray white vinegar and warm, soapy on the affected area and blot it with a damp microfiber towel or cloth. This will transfer the stain onto the cloth and leave your carpet shiny and clean. You do not need to use store-bought products that are laden with harmful chemicals that can cause the respiratory syncytial virus and other diseases.

5. Easy to Polish Jewellery

Use a damp cloth to remove grime and smudges from your jewellery without the fear of leaving scratches behind. Remember to use the dry one for polishing and dying.


Hurry up and buy this affordable, reusable and effective cleaning tool that can help you clean a house like a pro. Microfiber towels or cloths work wonders in removing dust, germs, grease and grime in no time. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire a company that can offer you detailed end of lease cleaning Hobart and help you get the full bond back.