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How to Clean Your House Fast? 7 Useful Cleaning Tips

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How to Clean Your House Fast? 7 Useful Cleaning Tips
  • Audrey
  • Aug 13 2020
House cleaning is a necessary activity that everyone should pay attention to and perform regularly. Everyone however doesn’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to do the tasks.

Thus sanitation is often procrastinated or neglected, which is not ideal because an unclean home has poor indoor air quality, and the household members have a higher chance of getting sick repeatedly.

One way to ensure your home is always clean and welcoming is to take the assistance of professional cleaners in Hobart. Another way is to be smart while cleaning your home to save time and energy. Here are seven useful tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Hobart to help you sanitise your home fast. Have a look!

Create a Handy Cleaning Kit

Get a container with multiple compartments to keep a variety of cleaning supplies in one place to use whenever required. Creating a kit will help you clean spills/stains immediately and sanitise your home at any time. Here is a list of things your cleaning kit should have and you can personalise this list to suit your needs.

  • All-purpose cleaning and sanitising solutions in spray bottles
  • Microfiber cloths, cotton rags, paper towels, and disposable wipes
  • Sponges, scouring pads, and brushes
  • Baking soda and white vinegar

Take One Task and Perform It in the Entire House

Please don’t treat the rooms in your house separately, rather sanitise them together by taking one task at a time and performing it everywhere. This trick is used by many end of lease cleaning experts in Hobart to complete their jobs on time.

Therefore, the next you start dusting the living room, dust the other rooms as well, which will help you save a lot of time and energy. You are already prepped for the task with the products and supplies, which is why performing it in any room will be easier. Similarly, if you are mopping and sweeping one room, then perform the same task in all other rooms as well.

Dust then Vacuum

If you are among those people who vacuum the floors and other areas before dusting, please stop because it is counterproductive. You are only increasing your cleaning time by first cleaning surfaces then re-contaminating them.

The best approach is to dust first from top to bottom then vacuum all the surfaces to collect the debris/particles that have deposited on the floor or other surfaces.

Sanitise Garbage Disposal Using Vinegar Cubes

Worried that your garbage disposal will smell after doing the dishes? Here is an excellent method to unclog and clean it in a few minutes. e In a tray fill the sections with white vinegar le and put one-two slices of lemon in each before freezing.

To clean the disposal, turn it on while running water and put in two-three cubes. Let the cubes disintegrate which will help remove any food residues stuck inside and sharpen the blades as well.

Use a Rubber Squeegee

Have streak-free and clean windows, glasses, mirrors and floors in minutes by using a rubber squeegee to collect and wipe the dirt, grime, and moisture. Keeping a squeegee handy will help you clean spillage and messes in no time.

For efficient sanitation, you can wipe a surface then mop up the remaining residue if necessary. What’s more, if you have pets at home, you can use the squeegee to collect and pick pet hair from carpets, floors, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Use Microfiber Products

Microfiber cleaning products have revolutionised the way cleaning is done, and most experienced end of lease cleaning experts in Hobart use them. The microfiber products have asterisk patterns which can collect dust particles, debris, and even bacteria making them antibacterial.

You can get microfiber cloths, towels, wipes, dusters, mops and much more for cleaning your house effectively and fast. In addition to being excellent cleaning tools, these products are economical, washable, and durable.

Get your House Deep Cleaned

How can getting your house deep cleaned by professional cleaners in Hobart make it faster to clean for you? The answer is simple. Once the deep clean is done, it is easier for you to keep it sanitary rather than doing catch-up cleaning. When professionals purge a property, they clean every nook and cranny, and after they leave, you can ensure the areas remain free of dust and dirt.

Depending on whether you have kids or pets at home, the need for getting your house deep cleaned can vary. If you are a tenant, then you may have to hire end of lease cleaning experts in Hobart at the end of the tenancy for purging the entire property to get your bond back.

The Bottom Line

By implementing these tips by professional cleaners in Hobart, you can keep your home hygienic and sanitary at all time. Thus, your house will always be welcoming, and the health of all the household members will remain excellent.