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9 Fantastic Deep Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

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9 Fantastic Deep Cleaning Hacks For Your Home
  • Audrey
  • Sep 14 2021
Attention-to-detail cleaning is one of the ideal ways to keep a house healthy and germ-free. Whether you are a working professional or a full-time homemaker, be sure you focus on sprucing up dirty areas, including ceiling fans, walls, windows, hard surfaces, bathrooms and floors using the right tools.

Creating a customised cleaning checklist will make things easy for you. You can even set a cleaning schedule as per your availability to keep your abode neat and dust-free. For those prepping for the rental inspection, consider booking a high-quality end of lease cleaning in Hobart. They will spruce up your premises from top to bottom so that you can claim your bond back.

If you are looking for fantastic deep cleaning hacks for your abode, keep reading this article. We bring you 9 cleaning tips that will transform your dirty space into sparkling glory.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Dust with Microfiber Cloths

Instead of using a fancy and expensive feather duster and other tools, use microfiber cloths to remove accumulated dust particles, dirt and allergens. It is a cheap, reusable and super-absorbent cleaning tool.

Use microfiber cloths to clean tables, windows, fans, light switches, baseboards, chairs, blinds, countertops, doors, faucets and much more. Wash the cloth after using it to wipe the surface again with the same piece of cloth.

2. Use a Lint Roller to Clean Lamp Shades

Many people forget to clean their beautiful lampshades. These also need proper cleaning regularly. Usually, you would keep them outside on a hot or warm day and allow the sun to dry them to dust them off.

Instead, you can run a lint roller to get rid of dust from your lampshades. This will help you remove collected dirt from the surface in a quicker manner.

3. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Eliminating built-up grease, stuck food particles and stubborn stains from the microwave is an overwhelming task. However, proper maintenance is required to keep this much-loved kitchen appliance in good condition for years. One of the fantastic cleaning hacks is to steam clean the microwave.

Fill up a bowl with two cups of water, white vinegar and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Let the solution run in the microwave for 5-6 minutes. Switch off the appliance and allow the steam to loosen the residue. After that, wipe off the sidewalls, plates and other parts of your microwave using a damp cloth.Clean your Air Vents

Many people often forget to clean the air vents. This can lead to poor indoor air quality. However, the cleaning process is quite tricky, and that’s why people skip it. Instead of unscrewing the vent from the wall, you can vacuum clean the surface. You can also wash your vents in the dishwasher.

5. Clean and Disinfect Garbage Disposal

Do not forget to spruce up and disinfect the garbage disposal regularly. You can kill germs, stains and nasty smells by tossing leman halves, 4-5 ice cubes and salt.

It is one of the best hacks to help you get rid of built-up residue, grime and nasty odours from your garbage disposal. Do this once a week for better results.

6. Use White Vinegar for the Showerhead

It is pretty challenging to clean the Showerhead as it accumulates a lot of grime, hard water stains and soap scum. One of the best hacks is to use white vinegar.

All you need is a sandwich baggie and a cup of white vinegar. Fill the bag with vinegar and submerge the Showerhead, and secure the bag using a rubber band. Let it soak for 10-12 hours or overnight to see the magic.

If you are sprucing up your rental property for inspection, clean every nook and cranny of your apartment. You can also hire the best end of lease cleaners in Hobart for the sake of your deposited security.

7. Get Rid of Limescale

You may have witnessed that clothing steamers and tea kettles leave unpleasant crystalised gunk on the surface. These nasty stains are called limescale. If you are deep cleaning your house, make sure you treat it using the best methods.

You can apply white vinegar and warm water solution in the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wipe off the surface using a clean cloth.

8. Magic Eraser on your Bathtub

Keeping a bathtub or shower clean is a difficult task. Of course, there are plenty of fancy products available in the market, but they contain harmful chemicals. One of the best ways is to removing the soap scum, tough stains and grime using a magic eraser. That truly works wonders without even giving you a hint of stress. You can also follow the best bathroom cleaning checklist if you want sparkling results.

9. Banish Bad Smells

Apart from cleaning and disinfecting your space, make sure you deodorise every nook and cranny using natural and effective methods. Instead of using chemically laden products, boil a pot of water, add orange peels, a few cinnamon sticks, and a few drops of lavender oil. The steam will banish all bad odours and leave your home to smell fresh again.


These are fantastic deep cleaning tips that will enhance the feel of your abode. You can also hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Hobart to get your bond back without any conflict.